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GTRIIP - Smart Contactless Check-In for Building & Clubs

GTRIIP - Smart Contactless Check-In for Building & Clubs
contacless check in without having to meet receptionist for hotel, building, gym, club

What is GTRIIP - Smart Contactless Check-In for Building & Clubs?

Smart Check-In is supported by cloud technology which provides controls for multiple access point via one platform. It offers seamless and better access for customers, which enables customer to do on-the-go registration and directly get their room key without having them to wait on receptionist counter.

It is a utilization of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept which implements data transfer over network to control object without having any direct interaction between human and machine. Recently, IoT becomes very popular, it changes our lifestyle, simplifies daily problem, and also gives so many advantages in enterprise scale. Smart Check-In will bring efficiency to your business by leveraging your manpower to deal with more important areas while, engaging guest with new experience.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed services you will get

01. Direct Bookings

Guests can register, view and book their necessity such as hotel room / doctor appointment / visitation conveniently. The platform helps guest to complete front-desk requirement even before they step in for a check-in. 

02. Pre-Development

Using our self check-in station, you can leverage face detection and optical character recognition which will helps guests or visitor with registration process. 

In hospitality business, guest has the flexibility to check-in with their smartphone in relatively short time. Application of the technology in the hotel business enables guests to enter the room under three minutes. 

In workplaces and clubs, this feature allows residents to be assigned with documentless keys for pre-verified member, and enable access before their arrival.

03. Integration with System and Tools

With cloud technology, the platform provides access controls across different business properties and integrates everything through one platform. Which means it gives the guest a freedom to control any electronic appliance system in their room through their smartphone.  

In private offices, we can adjust a keyless system that integrates with your office’s property management software, while syncing the visitor registration to grant them an access for a meeting room.
In club business, our technology grants the member access to club’s amenities and facilities from their smartphone. 

04. In-App Messaging

In-App Messaging has a function as broadcasting media, which reach the whole platform audience. It takes within a minute to deliver push notification, brief advertisement, or promotions to the users while they are active in the platform. 

05. PMS, CRS, Housekeeping Interfaces

Smart Check-In has capability to help both, the guest and you as a business owner. Integrating Property Management System (PMS) and Central Reservation System (CRS), which allow you to easily manage the property and booking request.

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For the hospitality business, we also have an additional tool for housekeeping and service personnel. Integrated with PMS, our platform facilitates the synchronization for all service operations and makes the daily tasks faster and efficient. 

The housekeeping system also allows the staff to instantly report the cleaning progress, minibar purchases made by the guests, or any problem that might happen in rooms. Contact us for our Mobile Audit Software.

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