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EInspector - Mobile Audit


What is EInspector - Mobile Audit?

eInspector is a smartphone & web-based solution that work as a paperless solution to create checklists and audit lists on a web portal for supervisors to perform inspections and audits. To simplify further even the work orders can be automatically generated.

The Use of Mobile Audit in Industry

What’s the benefit of using this product?

Freely Customized User Role

Here’s eInspector’s – Mobile Auditing Features

  • Point Bank System For Employee’s Reward
  • Customized Inspection Checklist & Rating
  • Generate Work Order Outside The Checklist
  • Reporting

01. Point Bank System For Employee’s Reward

This applications will help for objective work assessment based from the result of the field staff’s work.

The assessment result will be generated as report cards which will assist HR in giving and planning bonus and incentive programs.

02. Customized Inspection Checklist & Rating


Checklist parameter & the rating are freely customized from the backend. To simplify checklist generation, Admin could create a template and upload the checklist from CSV file.

Download checklist needed to be handled and could instantly perform a complete inspection by:

  • Comment
  • Rate
  • Video
  • Voice Recording

Inspection results (transaction) could be directly inserted to the backend as soon as data is synced from the smartphone.

03. Generate Work Order Outside The Checklist

If the inspector found things outside the checklist while conducting inspection, the inspector could generate work order directly from the device. Work order could be assigned to:

  • Project
  • Checklist
  • Photo
  • Operational staff

Work Order could be added as inspector checklist if needed.


04. Assigning Inspection Project

Inspection begins with determining what is inspected and who is the worker. To simplify the inspection search and report, every project could be grouped into unit and type.

05. Reporting


Project Report

  • Rooms Inspected
  • Rooms Not Inspected
  • Room Sector Inspections
  • List Inspections
  • Housekeeper Report
  • Aggregate Inspection Results
  • Number of Inspection


Project Report

  • Rooms Not Audited
  • Room Sector Audits
  • List Audits
  • Housekeeper Performance
  • Aggregate Audit Results
  • Number of Audits