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WGS Marketing Automation - Online & Offline Campaign Planner

What is WGS Marketing Automation - Online & Offline Campaign Planner?

Our Marketing Automation is a solution that can be integrated with your web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software which is advantageous for both small-scale and enterprise business. Basically, the Marketing Automation is a company marketing system that is focused on keeping your customers in the loop. It is also a way to maintain customer loyalties where marketing or sales team usually interacts in all terms via phone, email, and feedback.

The term of “keeping the customer” has existed long before the automation era. However, without computer technology in general the idea of Marketing Automation will be paralyzed and meaningless. Technology and automation is the most crucial part of Marketing Automation that has capabilities to process the amount of customer information that has been collected.

Marketing Automation has a big role in CRM today. It combines the basic CRM (sales-focused) and a virtual workplace for marketing team to streamline, automate, design and measure marketing tasks and workflows. Out as a conclusion, Marketing Automation helps you in keeping the customer and making efficient use of fund and manpower to get a satisfying marketing result.


What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed services you will get

01. Dashboard

Dashboard deck shows you some activity records, such as:

  • New joined member
  • Campaign that ready to be run
  • Ongoing campaigns
  • Frequently used tags

Also gives you some reports which customizable (according to your business needs) and you can request it during pre-development phase with our Project Consultant.

02. Teams

This section gives you a preview of who has access to the CRM software. You also can create new data for the team member and grant them an access key to the CRM system.

03. Event or Campaign Page

This is the main feature which enables you create new event or promotion campaign at certain outlet. To organize your new event, we prepare a simple form to fill in, such as: 

  • Event name
  • Event location
  • Event date
  • Assigned team
  • Campaign goal
    (including: target number of audience, target revenue, target number of contacts converted to membership)

Next, you can choose a media (SMS or email) you want to use for announcing the event to target market. As all-in-one, automated marketing software, Offline Marketing Media Cost and Total Campaign Estimated Cost will help you to plan, list, and estimate the budget for marketing expense.  
In the end of event date, your team will receive notification as event result, while automated system has already collected some new data from new members. 

04. Customers

Through this feature, you can make a new record for the new member based on their personal data and special useful tags, for example:

  • Register data
  • Range of monthly expense
  • Purchased history
  • Etc.

For the future use, you can search certain customer data with the help of keyword filter based on:

  • Membership status
    (members, inactive members, or contact-only)
  • Tags
  • By event
  • By respond

05. Manage Template

This section will help you to create a proper email or SMS layout for announcing the event to the target market. In general, you can choose the available template, then fill the content based on your needs and do some test preview.

06. Reporting

This feature gives you detail preview of campaign or promotion event result in table list, chart, and short summary. Reporting also provides you a result whether the goal that you have set before has successfully achieved or not.

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