Custom Cloud ERP - Enterprise Management System


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What is Custom Cloud ERP - Enterprise Management System ?

Our ERP Package is accessible everywhere in SaaS model

You can access your data anytime and anywhere through internet or privately with intranet. Try and subscribe to our ERP package, and feel the benefits.

Support includes: troubleshooting, training, consultation, dan bug fixing; done remotely.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Ease on recording & summarizing your inventory and sales with multi-branch & multi-warehouse capability, what else?

  • Flexibility
    Start small, build upon into an advanced ERP
  • Customizablility
    Use standard best practice, then adjust to your business process
  • Low & Manageable Cost
    Open Source, and adjusting with your budget

Our Clients

We can serve your emerging business as well

Software is eating the world. Is your business prepared to ride the digital wave, or instead getting left behind? We will make sure you are prepared.