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Academic Information System

Technical Specification

Operating System (OS)
  • Windows Server
  • CentOS
  • Laravel
  • Wordpress
3rd Party Engine
  • BNI VA
Markup Language
  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
Programming Language
  • PHP
  • Javascript


Usage of information system will have a significant impact on everyone that is involved in managing the university. Advantage of using system can be felt by university administrators, teachers, students, staff, and indirectly parents as well. Information system are designed to enable smooth operations of educational institute ensuring cost savings, efficiency and resourcefulness.

One of the largest private universities in Indonesia asked WGS to develop a supportive information system for an effective delivery of education activities.

This is an application designed for educational establishments ensuring proper functioning of the university operations. In this system, students can personally choose their learning subjects, while the lecturers can make a decision to approve or reject with proper reason. Students can also arrange their study plan with this application.

WGS developed web application on top of Wordpress. It runs on top of Laravel 5.4, CentOS and Windows. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP.

There are three portals that is to be used by students, lecturers and academic system in this application; here are a few from many features in the application, as follows:

  1. Student course registration
  2. Student tutelage
  3. Cancel or swap courses
  4. Class lecture correction
  5. Selected academic data
  6. Attendance
  7. Tuition payment
  8. Student virtual account (VA)
  9. Questioner management
  10. Reports
  11. Master of college activity
  12. Lecturer approval for tutelage
  13. College grades data

Business Issue.

A good academic information system is needed by every universities and colleges to help them manage all academic activities that involves students, lecturers and also employees.

Business Solution.

The information system application provides a sustainable solution by integrating all activities including finance in one platform.


User can access the application wherever and whenever they need through an easy-to-use platform that is beneficial to support their education process.

Lesson Learned.

The application has enabled things such as data filing become paperless since the tool allows the information to be stored on databases that increase data efficiency and recovery.

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