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What is Application Delivery & Managed Services ?

ADMS is different from regular services such as :

  • Waterfall Project (WT03)
    Require intense requirement gathering upfront Timeline based on blueprint, usually not shorter than 3 months of work During the development, client can’t freely change the specification (only a limited number of change request can be accepted)
  • Programmer / Developer Outsourcing (WT04)
    Require strong project management on the client side Heavily depends on the developer capability & availability


ADMS focus solely in the deliverable :

  • Define scope of work per-sprint (2 weeks of work) with sprint planning, to reach short term target, and make adjustment on the scope easier 
  • Development team managed & operated by IT Vendor for continuous delivery, flexibility, and to achieve faster result
  • Team that develop new enhancement are separated from the team that support the applications
  • Layered support services to handle application operational problems


ADMS service is developed to help enterprise eliminate common problem of digital initiatives.

ADMS Service Are Divided Into 2 Work-Types:

Here are Some Details for Each Work Type

Support (Work Type 1)

  • SLA to meet
  • Expected performance to be tracked
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for Problem Management
  • Proactive support during business hours
  • On-call reactive support 24x7x365
Application Support Terms
  • Flat-fee support monthly depending on your IT portfolio
  • Fix for all bugs for contracted applications
  • Proactive maintenance, troubleshooting, and problem analysis.
  • Support for 3rd party vendor’s work:
    • covered under Work Type II on the 1st year
    • covered under Work Type I on the 2nd year onwards

Agile Development (Work Type 2)

  • Programmer outsourcing with Flexible Resourcing
    usable for various IT needs:
    • Project Planning
    • Project Development
  • Fully Managed by IT Vendor
  • Flexibility for urgent project requests
  • Sprint-based 1-4 week cycles
  • Expected performance to be tracked
Response Time
  • Upon receipt of request, IT Vendor will provide Impact Analysis (IA) with effort & consumption.
  • Customer approval before work commences

Release & Quality Management

Manage software releases from development stage for smooth software release to production.

  • Git Pull Requests
  • Continuous Integration testing
Agile Development Terms
  • Sprint-based work
  • New technology on-boarding max 2 months
  • Scalable capacity guaranteed is 2x minimum monthly of commitment

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