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Waterfall Software Development


What is Waterfall Software Development?

In Waterfall Software Development, we commit on fixed number of budget and time that you will get inside the platform. This is a great method to maximize value with a minimal change in timelines and budget. We have helped many companies to design their software and apps, we believe our service is reliable to help yours. 

We make sure both—your company and our pre-sales team—have an initial meeting to decide a strategic goal, budget, bridge the gap between strategy and real-execution, and finally help you professionally with the development process.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed services you will get

01. Pre-sales

In pre-sales phase, we will ask you to fill some questionnaires for a good understanding for finalising a proposal, including: estimation of time and price. 

At the next step, both parties agree to sign administrative documents to start the project immediately and our team will reach you and give brief solution for both business and technological term to achieve your business goal.

02. Pre-Development

Based on initial planning, design team and lead developer will start the project preparation process and build a prototype as a media to bridge mutual understanding of the app that will be developed. 

03. Development

Inside development phase, we are using modified Agile Methodology based on scrum framework with three main steps: 

  • Sprint planning
  • Daily scrum meeting
  • Sprint review

In initial stage, project coordinator will submit the to-do list for each team member within a week sprint, including:

  • Tickets of task description on project manager tool
  • Mockup page
  • Discuss the work with client

The development process will start after the scope & sprint planning where each sprint consists of two weeks of work. Project coordinator will input their tasks backlog in cards inside the Project Management Tool. At every end of each sprint we will show you the demo with every accomplished tasks.

04. Quality Control

We will make sure that your application has passed global standard compliance prior to the deployment of the project. 

05. Training, Simulation, and UAT (User Acceptance Testing)

This is an additional stage where we require client to assign some users to test the application, while Project Coordinator will train and accompany them during simulation.

For UAT, we also offer some helps covering:

  • UAT Record of Transfer
  • Official mail entering Support Phase

06. Support

In the end of project development, the support team will take over the main role to maintain and handle any technical issues that might appeared during usage. The team provide support for you to report any technical issues.

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