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What is UI / UX Design Service ?

Business owners may state that they have their own brand to start the company. But when the market begins to develop, the brand also needs to evolve to give the market a better experience with your business. So, what can you do to make it happen?

While most businessman is good at managing the profit and finance, to make a good profit they need to sell their product to the right customer, using the right media. That’s why when we help you with this service to help you to boost up your business performance.

We will use the design-thinking methodology and provide you with a service package to build brand story & brand personality. By digging from the root, listening to your struggle, study user personality, and understand how their reaction towards your product; In the end, we can find a perfect media that allowed users to have great experience & relation with your business.

What would you get by purchasing this service?

Steps to Build The Perfect UI / UX

01. Survey, Discovery, and Research

At the initial stage, we will create a special interview session to know more about you & your business. A small survey will be provided to understand more about your future expectation and find a perfect insight into the brand story. 

From the user’s side, we will observe your target users and listen to their opinion about your product, the difficulties that they encountered, and the problem-solving steps that they might take when they interact with your product.

02. Define User Profile and Personas

From the previous survey and research session, we may discover some user profiles that match with your target users. To make them easier to be analyzed, we will build some lifelike personas. So, as a business owner, you will be able to understand the customer's psychological, behavioral, and professional background. 

Based on the research and survey session, the steps pattern that users might take to start and end every challenge can also be seen. This pattern can be a perfect clue that helps the team to design workflow based on their intention, needs, motivation, ambition, and interest. 

03. Defining User Journey Mapping

By understanding users’ background, intention, interest, and motivation; we can step into the next level, which is to draw a simple flow and make journey notes about:

  • What might the users encounters at the initial stage
  • The engaging process towards the product

So, we’re not only creating a good journey for the user, but also create an engagement plan for a new and long-term relationship between your business and the customers.

04. Wireframing & Prototyping

After we understand who are the users and what experience that you want to give them, we will start wireframing progress, visualize, and complete idea on a piece of paper. The wireframe is not only about sketching the layout panel, but also break down the complete function of the application.

05. Designing Visual

Based on user needs and Initial research data, we will try to design a visual which will attract the right users and draw their attention to the content, with details such as: 

  • Shapes of buttons
  • Color palette
  • Texture 
  • Image
  • Typography
  • Use of words

06. Interaction Design

A good user experience happened because of a memorable interaction. It does not only occur between people, but also between users and your application. Interaction design is a crucial stage which enhances user-experience and adds some emotion (such as friendly, learnable, useful, and many more) into your application. 

08. A/B Testing

We can arrange an A/B Testing, this is a service to give you a comparison between two versions of your website, which version of your site will perform better. A/B Testing helps you to validate the design changes and improve conversion rates, which also allows you to conclude hypothesis of user behavior and learn the certain elements that affect their experiences. 

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