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What is Software Requirement Specification ?

Have you ever dreamed of making your own software but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you need our help with our Software Requirement Specification (SRS) service, which basically is the main plan for your future software.

Like a blueprint for houses, SRS is a complete scheme that records the planning of your software or systems according to different users and cases. SRS are not mandatory, however as the solution concept that you plan to build turn out to have a large & complex software architecture; SRS will be a much-needed guideline to make sure that your software has a clear goal in the development phase.

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Application SRS Product Specification

App Design Documentation

For the initial start, our technical writer will help you to place the idea on a bundle of paper, while conducting a survey from user’s perspective and client’s requirement, based on 8 steps: 

01. Summarizing Your Project Purpose

An important phase to find out your requirement & purpose, and learn what do you want to solve using the software. We’re going to help you with basic questions and conclude the main background and objectivity beyond your idea.

02 . Planning the System Overview & Functional Requirement Details

Before the process begin, we will conduct consultation time, then start to make a list based on your requirements and what technology recommendation will best fit your request.

We’re going to breakdown every system that you will need inside your software from three sides —front-end, back-end, and mobile-apps— depending on your request.

03.  Entity Relationship Diagram

Next, we will draw some diagrams to figure out the relationship between the various user’s roles in your software, so in the end, you can see how the system response will be for each of this role.

04. Visualizing the Mockup

Building a system must be followed by good interface and user experience (UI/UX). If you haven’t decided the best look for your software, we help you to find a perfect design idea that is suitable for your target user.

05. Estimating Project Timeline

Besides the system and function, we also help you to estimate the timeline based on the priority of each section that had you planned.

06. Development Team Role, Purpose, and Organization Plan

We believe that each project has its different characteristics, that’s why before it enters the development process, you should properly discuss the organizational structure that established each team member’s responsibility & the effective interaction among team members.

07. Recommended Implementation Methodology

Designing the technical aspect might sound crucial, but after the system is built, you also have to plan for the next level, such as: how’s the software going to integrate with your client’s? A good software system does not only work properly, it can adapt and synchronize with previously established system too.

08. Project Plan, Monitoring, and Control

For a detail and future planning, we will support you by doing project planning which includes:

  • Scope management
  • Time management
  • Cost management
  • Quality management 
  • Etc.

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There’s nothing you cannot get by using our SRS service, while you get a perfect A-Z design plan for your software, we are also offering you a great deal of a special discount (in same the amount of the price that you have paid for SRS service) for our help to build your dream software.

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