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Privileged Account Manager - User Access Audit


What is Privileged Account Manager - User Access Audit?

A privileged user is someone who has special access to your internal system, but how about if that privileged user is no longer your business partner or someone inside your company?

Most information breaches happen from misuse of privileged account. That is why PAM is being built. PAM keeps your company safe from accidental misuse of privileged access. The bigger and more complex your company’s IT system, the more privileged users and risk of leak that you have.

PAM helps you to control and monitor privileged account access. It allows privileged users to work on systems without exposing administrator or supervisor password, and takes on record of every privileged account activities.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed features you will get

01. Thorough Privileged Account Management

By using this feature, you are able to safely grant users with only the privileges they need, when they actually need it.

PAM delivers privileged user control, tracking and auditing for all credential system, including:

  • Applications (e.g. SAP System)
  • Database (e.g. Microsoft SQL database, Oracle DBMS)
  • UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms
  • Cloud services (e.g.
  • Virtual servers (e.g. VMWare ESXi)

Your company app will be secured by controlling what commands users are granted to run, at what time, and from where. Complete with automatic recording on all user activities, if something wrong happens, you can quickly identify suspicious activity and take immediate action to prevent their next moves.

02. Advanced Privileged Accounts Authentication

PAM integrates with advanced authentication solution to build layer of defenses. Design your step-up authentication upon the access policies that you define, request multiple-authentication factors for access to sensitive system resources & assets.

PAM enables you to leverage your authentication methods, including:

  • One time passwords (OTP)
  • Smartphones
  • Voice
  • SMS (e.g. text)

03. Risk-based Session Control

PAM enables you to identify and analyze potential risk before it negatively impact your business. With unique risk-analysis engine, PAM analyzes & categorize each command  with risk level 0 to 9.

If an event require further analysis, it is escalated to appropriate managers either through email / event flag on the console; to then take immediate action. PAM are also equipped with automated access restriction, based on your policy.

04. Database Privileged Account Monitoring

PAM provides user access monitoring for enterprise-critical database such as Oracle & Microsoft SQL. Monitor the command of administrator that is running against your database and receive real-time analysis of the command in the same time. As this is an agent-less operation within the database, there is no impact to the database’s performance.

05. Secured Password Vaulting

Store your credential, key, and secret information in PAM’s Enterprise Credential Vault. It helps you to manage your company’s privileged accounts and grant privileged users to check-out and return passwords, and supports both policy-based and workflow-based password retrievals.

Some of the other features are:

  • Check-out credentials for a custom duration of time
  • Out-of-the approval workflow and notifications
  • Broader privileged account support

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