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Emveep White-Label Grocery App - Mobile App for Groceries & Daily Needs

Emveep White-Label Grocery App

What is Emveep White-Label Grocery App?

The technology advances today has made economic activities via the internet increase significantly and make changes in many business landscapes. 

Since there is no country, company, or institution that's isolated from the internet, everyone needs to comprehend the future thoroughly and improving the economic system by using technology and new ideas for a brighter future. And today, the traditional shopping habit is shifted from purchasing grocery stock-ups directly in the market to online ordering.

The Grocery App provides a system to allow businesses to perform operations functions for both the front and back office. It includes inventory management, warehouse fulfillment, CRM, customizable web design, marketplace, and integrated with mobile commerce functionalities to power your business online.

What will you get by purchasing the product?

Here are the detailed features of the app:

01. Content Management Capabilities

You can administrate any information including the product collection, delivery, payment, or report in any format, and manage all information including the product list to permanent storage or product deletion.

02. Promotion and discount code tools

This is some sort of marketing strategy made up of a combination and letters that gives customers another reason to buy your product and hopefully become a regular customer in the future.

03. An easy-to-use checkout

This is a feature that will be used by the customers when they are ready to pay for the item(s) in their cart by using the e-money or credit card, and another payment method.

04. Reporting tools

There are some tools in the system for you to use to build an operational report by extracting dan presenting data in form of charts, tables, and another visualization.

05. An integrated blog or articles section

The integrated blog or articles section is a good way to spread the word of mouth so customers can read opinions about the products from different people’s points of view.

06. Merchant tools application

This is tools for merchants to get a bird’s-eye view of what is happening with your store and stay on top of things, including the payment history, cash flow, sales, or customer care.

07. Transaction Report

A business needs a transaction report for sure, so this feature enables you to view the list of transactions you get based on the date range, payment type, payment status, or category of transaction.

08. Email marketing integration

This tool allows you to send emails to help you build organic contacts so you can market your product in a specific marketing campaign dan achieve the desired results.

09. Multiple payment options

To increase the conversion rate, you can offer your customers multiple payment options that include credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Purchase Orders, Terms, and more.

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