eForm - Electronic Form for Request & Registration

eForm - Electronic Form for Request & Registration

What is eForm - Electronic Form for Request & Registration?

Customers can now easily apply for credit request as easy as buying clothes in the eCommerce website. eForm is built to help your verification team provide the customer needs while upgrading your operational procedure from the conventional method —with so many steps— to a simple method that will save you so many hours.

eForm helps in processing registration & requests of anything that your customer applies. For example, a credit payment request can be helped from your merchant partners (eCommerce, retail store, etc.) or even integrating your mutual fund business to your selling agents.

With the support of our eForm platform, your team of:

  • Agent / Account Executive
  • Marketing Support
  • Phone Verifier
  • Approver / Credit Analyst

This team can manage the application requests and engage with customers. Using a mobile app as well as backend software to keep the application process on track.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed feature for your Agent / Account Executive

01. Application Management (Mobile-Based)

For your front liners, eForm has the best feature to help you in handling every application that you have received. The system is connecting your front-end staff and back-end staffs in real time. If there’s something wrong with the application request, verification team can inform the Agent / Account Executive directly to retake the photo and edit customer data.

Besides these two features, Application Management also helps you with:

  • Making an appointment with the customer
    (through compatible apps)

  • Sending the completed data onto Marketing Support and Phone Verifier

02. New Application Form

Fill in customer’s application only with the help of your smartphone app and camera. When the customer got a green light, eForm can save both of your customer and the team’s time with a digital signature feature that is connected with the rest of the verification team.

Here are the detailed feature for your Marketing Support

03. Application Detail

 Helps Marketing Support to monitor application list and inspect the detail, such as:

  • Customer data
  • Company data
  • Spouse data
  • Supplier info
  • etc.

Detailed info does not only help Marketing Support in checking the customer background, but it will also help the whole team to analyze the suitability of a customer, so their application can be continued to the next process.

04. Application Management (Web-Based)

Backend platform helps Marketing Support to filter every application request that has been sent by Agent / Account Execs. There are three simple buttons:

  • Retake photo
  • Assign edit
  • Print

This functions will ease the process of making the decision to move the process to the Phone Verifier or return it back to the Agent / Account Executives if there were some incomplete data and bad-quality photos.

05. Application Report

Our system helps to manage and analyze every single credit application that has been received. The data will be served as table and chart data, so it will feel a lot simpler to be projected.

Here are the detailed features you will get as a Phone Verifier

06. New / Old Applicant

As Phone Verifier received the confirmation from Marketing Support, the process will be continued to the phone verifying process. To save time, the verifying process is separated from two options which help Phone Verifier role to record the applicator as old / new customer.

Here are the detailed features you will get as an Approver / Credit Analyst

07. History

Before confirming the applied requests, history feature will help to make sure that it has completed every stage of evaluating procedure.

08. Clearance

Data received from your Phone Verifier will then continue on by the Approver / Credit Analyst, whether the data is approved or declined.

  • If everything is well and the request is approved, the customer will receive a confirmation such as a Purchase Order (PO).
  • Otherwise, if it’s not approved then the Approver can simply decline the application.

As the application is finished and finalized, simply click ‘submit’ button to confirm.

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