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Document Management System


What is Document Management System?

Document Management System's main purpose is to help your company in storing / organizing files effectively and securely, while still providing easy access to those who need it.  Today, companies need to improve the quality of collaborative working within the organization since business information seems to expand exponentially.

The system in this application will track, manage and store documents and reducing the paper use. Various document versions created and modified by different users will be recorded and safely kept in the storage with a simple retrieval for a particular document when needed.

These are four basic roles that will handle things in the system

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here are the detailed features for your company

01. Access Right Management

Every management pages in the application allow a user to create, update, delete, and view data, while some sensitive pages are not allowed to delete data. User session is limited and will be saved in the cookies so the user doesn’t have to re-login after they close the page.

02. Admin tools

Admin can manage access and users to access the application from the backend. Superadmin is added automatically by the system and can not be deleted.

03. DMS

Users can manage documents in this page, with all folders rooted from all subfolders made by users. There are some data folders which are generated automatically by DMS in this page and displays:

  • Information Folder
  • Content Folder and Fast Upload Feature

04. My Document

There are four main submenus to find documents on this feature, including:

  • Documents In Process
  • All Documents
  • Review Summary and Approval Summary

That will display some documents with status, such as:

  • Awaiting Review
  • Approval
  • Require Attention
  • Rejected and Locked By Users.

05. My Account

There are four submenus in managing user's account, including:

  • Name
  • User ID
  • Email
  • Comment
  • Used Disk Space

With information edit & notification settings, such as:

  • Edit user details
  • Edit keywords
  • Edit notification list, users and groups