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3D Sculpting Service (+ 3D Printing)


What is 3D Sculpting Service (+ 3D Printing)?

3D sculpting (also called digital sculpting) refers to the process of designing 3D objects by expert artists on the canvas offered by advanced software. The digitized sculpture is developed over a base model or right from start with a palette of textures and shapes that resemble real-life clay and rocky compositions. The basic model is polished and refined with brushes and various software tools that allow tweaking and shaping the shape in the desired manner.

The way it works is that concept designs are reworked into 3D sculptured forms during the conception stage. After concept finalization, the digital artist gets down to add more details to the model. Through realistic incorporation of details, captivating characters and ambiances resembling the real world are depicted. After the model is done with, texture is applied to the sculpture and rendering is done.

Our 3D design team is skilled to utilize the software to its most to tailor the specific needs of your project. They follow a unique approach to design the custom 3D models by using different tools and techniques. After receiving the request, our professionals pay complete attention to understand your project details. Once it’s done, the next step will be consultation your ideas and incorporate the same. We can also offer suggestions if needed to further enhance the project.

What will you get by purchasing the service?

Here are the detailed features of our service

01. Product Designing

Creating 3D sculpting designs for different products such as jewelry, automobile parts, electronic components, and more.

02. Medical and Healthcare

Creating high-quality 3D mesh models for anatomy, prosthetics, health care equipment, implants, and more.

03. Advertising & marketing

Help the advertising and marketing industry by creating high precision mesh designs for their products or services. It enhances the visual appeal of a company’s product by incorporating the required details such as texturing, shading, etc. to attract potential customers.

04. Gaming

Creating photorealistic game props or characters and implement 3D modeling and texturing techniques to create source meshes for games. It further includes adding the needed details to make low poly game models appear realistic and appealing.

05. Cinematography

Create detailed 3D sculpt models that resemble real-life objects and textures. It can serve the film industry with diverse outcomes including the creation of hyper-realistic visual effects, movie scenes, and characters.

06. 3D Printing

We create and design accurate 3D printing models by implementing the additive manufacturing technique. It enables us to create complex shapes or mesh designs according to the client’s needs by detailing models in high precision and making them print-ready.

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