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Pioneer IoT Platform in Indonesia

Technical Specification

Markup Language
  • HTML 5
Programming Language
  • Ruby


IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is a recent breakthrough of technology which allows everyday objects to be connected with Internet so the fruitful interactions between these two differing entity can benefit its adopters. Internet itself is already a revolution in 1990s, but its reach were still in virtual boundaries.

Imagine if it’s no longer limited and is able to transcend into generic objects? One example of daily interactions is when IoT sensors are utilized to every trash bin in your housing complex. The sensor track each trash bin’s trash level and when it already pass certain level, it will alert the sanitary staff to take up the trash. This makes sure that no trash bin will be left out of order when full. Another example for industry would be insertion of sensors to manufacturing instruments so that factory owners can monitor and check which machine needs reparation or replacement. This replaces earlier sensor system which wasn’t connected with internet. Those are just few examples of great potential which as of now is still untapped. It will change the face of technology in the future especially with the widespread usage of internet even to developing areas.

WGS yonder far and grab the opportunity. WGS developed a platform to promote the usage of IoT. In which IoT users can register their devices to manage it remotely and also to connect with other IoT users in Indonesia. This platform is intended both for academics and practitioners. Academics can conduct research faster with the help of platform’s community. Practitioners can use the IoT platform to help them augment their industry; be it manufacturing, farming, mining, or any form of industry which they involve in.

WGS is currently developing means to further use IoT in industry as you read this sentence right now. Lot of industries which still uses legacy systems and outdated tools are often decentralized and hard to maintain. By spreading the awareness of IoT to industrial sectors, WGS hoped to revitalize industries with fresh breath of technology augmented with Internet’s limitless connectivity; all realized by IoT’s avant-garde potential.

Business Issue.

Industry practitioners and academics need a platform in which they can collaborate to use IoT.

Business Solution.

WGS developed an IoT Platform in the Web to accommodate development of both sides.


The platform help tech societies in Indonesia to implement their own solutions using IoT and this project also increase WGS’s brand existence in Indonesia’s IT World.

Lesson Learned.

Being visionary involves traversing experimental ways which none ever trod earlier. That involves greater risk than traversing the generic path but the potential of improvement of this experimental path is priceless.

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