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Pet Social Media in Denmark

Technical Specification

Programming Language
  • Ruby


From early 2008 until late 2008, two or our developers helped upgrade and maintain this Rails application. The client is an established internet business company that sells advertisement space in his pet portal website.

Interesting experience includes:

  • Working with a website that is using a language other than English
  • Installing ffmpeg to convert the videos uploaded to FLV, so that the videos play uniformly
  • Using ActiveMQ to serve as the threading process.

For example, after user upload a video we want to convert the video to FLV. So that user doesn't have to wait during the conversion, we use ActiveMQ (like Sterling) so that the conversion happens in the background. We tried acts_as_ferret plugin on one of our project, but later switch to using Ultrasphinx for the searching feature. Using widgEditor instead of the usual ckEditor or tinyMC.

Business Issue.

Lots of user display their pet as his/her profile picture on facebook. Also lots of pet photos uploaded, generate conversations. The client want a place where these kind of user has a special space.

Business Solution.

Niche social network application for pet lover.


More focus social interaction, easier to find sponsor and advertiser.

Lesson Learned.


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