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My Food Angel: Diet Motivation App from UK

Technical Specification

Programming Language
  • iOS
  • Android


One essential factor in keeping a diet to be successful is motivation and encouragement. Just like one fighting addiction, one on a diet needs to be constantly reminded to stay away from specific kinds of food. Thus, what can be more handy than a mobile app which have that basic functions to remind and nudge you about your diet, coupled with motivations? My Food Angel does it all.

It start with one of our Clients from UK who wants us to create the app based on the research data about diet. We already got the design from them and we enhance it with basic smartphone flow so it will be fitting to both Android and iOS version which they requested. The client is satisfied with our result. Since it's smartphone, it's also connected with Twitter or Facebook API so the user can have social accountability through their friends.

Business Issue.

Diet is a long, self-denying process to combat one's cravings for food. One does not always have somebody around, coaching them.

Business Solution.

This app is intended to replace that "somebody around" in the form of a smartphone app, either in Android or iOS. It can also calculate food quantity, weight, and lots of other metrics in the form of graphs so user can get a real sense of progress.


The handy and multi-faceted nature of a Smartphone is a perfect companion since the user can take it wherever they go, also coupled with Smartphone's ubiquitous access to social networking sites

Lesson Learned.

Mobile app must be adapted to be a functional, humane application which helps Human to achieve their goals, as described in this case.

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