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Coding Bootcamp Course for Singapore Fintech Company

Technical Specification


As the industry and technology are continually evolving, developers need to upgrade the analytical mindset to stay on top of the competition. The improvement of the programming skills is expected to create balanced thinking to see a problem from both sides, whether it is from the big picture or from the small details. This capability is important for every programmer no matter what type of developer you are.

The client is a tech company in Singapore, Jakarta, and Pune (India) who asked Techpolitan to hold a coding bootcamp course for individuals who want to upgrade their software programming capabilities. The training itself provides some programming materials options and the students can move forward to the next stage of training after they pass the final examination.

The objective of the Coding Bootcamp Course is to enable programmers to write a well-crafted software that can be continually improved following the day-to-day engineering habits built on good practices supported by standardized tech stack and tooling.

There are two aimed key results in this training, as follows:

  1. Pre-Academy program
    Enabling junior talent (SMK / non-technologist) through a foundational program to drill the programming basics.
  2. Academy program
    Upskill fresh graduates with coding/ engineering practices, tech stack, tools, way of working, making them ready to join squads in a period of 4 months.

There are three steps that are designed to upskill the engineer’s skills, as follows:

  1. Potential candidates are selected to join the program
  2. Candidates join the three months program and receive the data-driven assessment during the program based on the assessment results whether they meet the criteria, need some improvement, or are not ready.    
  3. The selected candidates will be deployed to squad directly after receiving the final assessment results whether they meet the criteria or not ready.

We would like to share the interesting curriculum of the Coding Bootcamp Course that includes the technical and non-technical aspects to nurture the candidates to be ready for the real job, as follows:

  1. Mastering the technical aspect including the general software and design principles, the server-side, the client-side, and the DevOps.
  2. Mastering the Agile/ Way of Working aspect including the process, communication, and community.
  3. Mastering the readiness aspect including the readiness of a programmer as a self-starter and independent contributor, having the technical depth/ breadth, and gain comfort with the Agile-Scrum way of working.


Business Issue.

The growth of mobile operating systems from day-to-day has forced the organization to keep up the business along with the pace of technology and requires more skilled programmers to help them upgrade their software from time to time.

Business Solution.

The programmer training and education offers programming language learning for candidates to master a specific programming language, gain a comprehensive portfolio, achieve professional goals, and meet the demand of the market.


The programming skills have become a core skill to the broad range of careers and industries today and the competitive boot camp will help individuals to reach the career path that they aspire to achieve.

Lesson Learned.

In this increasingly digital world, it is time for organizations to be ready and quickly provide skillful programmers to meet the software developers demand from the competitive market.

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