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Virtual Banking Web Application

Technical Specification

Operating System (OS)
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Apache Webserver
Programming Language
  • PHP


One of the goverment's commercial Banks in Indonesia, wanted to improve their digital service by providing virtual banking application for customers and prospective customers who want to open new accounts and who wish to consult with about banking products. Limited time and distance are often an obstacle for people to open bank accounts and take care of their finances in the bank.

To answer this challenge, The Bank initiated the idea to create a virtual branch, which is a digital application that allows it to be accessed via mobile devices with internet connection, so that people can open a new account and ask about banking services directly to CS Representative. WGS developed a responsive website as a Virtual Branch, which is a web application that allows the user (client / non-client) to interact directly with the customer services via the chat feature and also the user can perform an online account opening (and later verified at the branch office).

The data includes:

  • Form for Opening New Account
  • Live Chat box with CS
  • FAQ page

Business Issue.

One of the largest regional Bank in Indonesia, wanted to improve their digital service by providing virtual banking application.

Business Solution.

WGS developed a web application that allows the customers to sign up for new bank account and live chat with the Bank through Customer Service Representatives.


Companies using this application will found it easy gain more customers in various locations which was previously remote and inaccessible. Connect with internet connection,The Bank can reach more potential customers in rural areas and also can get more data for finance growth.

Lesson Learned.

The Virtual Banking Web Application connects the Bank with customers and makes it easier for customers to open new account, and live chat with the CS Representatives.

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