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B2B Loyalty Program – Reward Management System


What is B2B Loyalty Program – Reward Management System?

In today’s competitive businesses, customer loyalty reward is a strategy utilized by companies to maintain B2B customer engagement & retention. Companies need a system to manage customer reward program.

Digitalizing and tracking the sales contracts between your company's staff with your distribution points and wholesalers using a useful tool is a good solution. This tool will also help to empower your employees to achieve the company's sales target.

With this application, you can manage sales contract by simplifying and automating the ways to create, report, approve, and follow-up a customer loyalty program based on actual contract performance so that your sales team can check and follow up to improve the effectiveness of the marketing program. The system helps you in managing the operational process, user database access, data back up and restoration, and also security maintenance.

These are the user roles that will be involved in this application

Users From Your Company

Users From B2B Customers

The contract creation particularly displays lists of sales contracts, with 2 contract types:

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here are the detailed features for your company internal staffs

01. Dashboard

The dashboard is the main supporting element in this B2B Reward Management System. It empowers you to get the insights into your company’s business development performance. This page display all sales information that you need, including contract list, user management, and the program list. All of this information will also show up in the notification button.

02. Push Marketing

Push marketing is one of the promotional strategies to offer the products to the customers. Here are three sales tactics in push marketing:

  • Direct selling to customers
  • Negotiating with retailers
  • Or setting up point-of-sale (POS) displays

03. Pull Marketing

This is for short-term sales strategy to attract customers seeking out products so sales staff can order more product stocks. Conducting this strategy is beneficial since you can create a customer loyalty for particular brands.

04. Contract Creation

In enterprise companies or in the retail industry, you need a contract creation to shorten the sales cycle by converting the approval and creation of contracts. It can increase sales productivity and reduces risk by standardizing contract templates.

05. Team Monitoring

It is a challenge to monitor operational performance as business is growing fast. Therefore, an organization needs help with a system for easier team monitoring which provides overview and control management to help you track the employee's performance.

Here are the detailed features for your B2B customers

01. Program Monitoring

Program monitoring is a feature where users can select and filter information on contract names, program names, and start-expiration dates by week, region, and area.

02. Merchandise

In this page, users can view the history of merchandise data request list. Users can also request for new merchandise based on status (demand / fulfillment), and directed to the catalogue for requesting selected new items.

03. E-Reward Tracking

E-reward tracking is a digital loyalty program feature that encourages user motivation and desire to get certain benefits. This feature helps users to track and manage their achievements. E-reward will be sent from the system when the user reaches the tactical contract sales target within the contract period.

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