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Appschef Supermarket ERP Software - ERP for Supermarket Business

Appschef Supermarket ERP Software
Supermarket ERP System

What is Appschef Supermarket ERP Software?

It was years ago when ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was designed originally used by large enterprises, however, today this software has also been beneficial for small and medium enterprises. The use of this application has expanded to various sectors of industry including the service, education, retail and wholesale, real estate, food and beverage, health, and even government.

Supermarket Cash Register System

Appschef Supermarket ERP Software is a suite of applications that are built to manage and integrate core business processes. The application helps an organization to manage employees, sell and distribute products or services, and financial accounting. So, the implementation of the system clearly provides advantages for your business. It simplifies and makes it easier to run the core business processes.

The web application provides real-time and accurate information to keep the stakeholders make good business decisions based on the data generated. Appschef Supermarket ERP is capable of integration and will collect the company’s data from multiple sources, eliminates duplicate data, provides data integrity, and improves the service for the customers and partners to the next level.

What will you get by purchasing the product?

Here are some of the features of the app:

Supermarket Inventory Management System

01. Supply Chain Management, Warehouse dan Distribution

This module helps you effectively to manage, track, and monitor the supply chain, warehouse, and distribution where you can process it with a barcode scanner with integration to other modules such as purchasing or sales.

02. Finance dan Accounting

This feature helps you to manage the whole incoming and outgoing cash flow, including various accounting transactions such as expenditures, balance sheets, general ledgers, bank reconciliation, budgeting, tax management, and financial statements easier.


Supermarket Accounting Software
Supermarket Product Bundling

03. Manufacturing

The barcode function in the system helps you to improve efficiency in manufacturing processes such as product planning, material routing, daily production monitoring, and bill of materials.

04. Sales

This feature helps you not only to handle the sales workflow such as the unit, contract, SO, and invoices to accelerate the sales cycle, but also helps you to handle the building management better.

Supermarket PoS System
Supermarket Automation Software

05. CRM and Loyalty Program

This feature helps you to improve your sales performance by providing better service and building a healthy relationship with the customers with some loyalty programs, while the system also helps you to manage and track detailed information of each lead and customers such as communication history, calls, past purchases, orders and more.

06. Order Planning and Forecasting

This feature provides forecasting for the next sales by using an engine that can look at the current inventory and giving you predictions about what to buy and make, so you can make a sales plan better reduce purchasing costs.

Supermarket Software
Best Supermarket ERP

07. Point of Sales (POS)

The feature enables you to complete the retail transactions easily by effectively calculates the amount owed by the customer, prepares invoices, or indicates payment options for the customers.

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