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Repair Order Management


What is Repair Order Management?

Repair Order Management aims make monitoring mobile phone repair operations to be more transparent for the clients. Your technician will also be helped to be more effective in inventory management & communication between internal division.

With repair workflow system that covers all repair process at :

  • Collection Point
  • Service Point
  • Service Center
  • Main Service Center
  • Warehouse
  • Call Center for multiple brands.

Freely Customized User Role

Here is the detailed features you will get

01. Repair Order Management

The Repair Order Management system are included with payment and workflow of the repair order process.


  • Integrated with the system could get the
    parts cost and service cost
  • Print invoice
  • Handle Down Payment and Refund

02. Knowledge Base Management System (KBMS)

User who access KBMS is given a role so that the content of KBMS is relevant to the user’s role / position. In example technician could only access KBMS about repairing a unit, customer service could only access KBMS about handling customers

Freely Customized KBMS Content including:

  • Picture
  • Video
  • HTML content, etc.

03. Inventory Management

To manage parts and faulty units and monitoring inventory stock or status.

Purchase order management:
  •    Purchase order issued
  •    Purchase order received
  •    Purchase order pending
  •    Purchase order closing
Parts inventory management:
  •    Parts request
  •    Parts release / transfer
  •    Parts receive
  •    Parts return
Faults units management

Return Material Authorization (RMA) is used to manage faulty parts or units (resulted from repair operations), and defective parts or units which should be returned to principal

Monitor inventory stocks or status:

To monitor inventory stocks and inventory status of parts or units

04. Reporting

  • Daily transaction
  • Analysis of transaction
  • Financial report
  • Accounting report

05. Multi-chat System

Communication feature among users (e.g.: between Customer Service Officer to Technician, etc.) that could be saved if needed.

06. Repair Order Info For Customers

A customer portal web page to track their repair order status without calling the customer service or call center.