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Multichannel Chat: A Single Dashboard for Multiple Communication Platforms


What is Multichannel Chat: A Single Dashboard for Multiple Communication Platforms?

A multichannel Chat is a dashboard that integrates multiple channels of communications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, LINE, that allows a customer service agent to interact with customers communicating from different channels efficiently and effectively. Using the method of multichannel, you can cross multiple platforms without having to go to different dashboards so you can significantly boost customer experiences and gain valuable feedback.

More than just enhancing connectivity on social media, the system can be fully customized to fit your specific needs. The system can filter chats by platform or chat status and the admin or person in charge can also mark chats as solved or pending resolution. 

You can engage your customers via their preferred communication channel, such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, or even through the company’s website (via a chat widget). The system will effectively and efficiently route the incoming messages to the available agents so that responses can be given quick. Furthermore, management will be able to track and understand how well customers’ needs are being addressed using the built-in analytics. The numbers and types of channels that can be connected are almost limitless and you can even integrate the Multichannel Chat to CRMs, Chatbots, and many other complementary systems.

What will you get by purchasing the product?

Here are the detailed features of the product:

01. Chat Apps Integration

Efficiently Integrating chats from multiple apps

02. Customer Services Allocations

Effectively allocating incoming messages to agents

03. Message Templates

Set recurring messages as templates as a response for recurring inquiries

04. Automatic reply and operational hours

Set operational hours and automatic reply to respond to messages that come outside of it

05. Mobile App Customer Service

Boost the mobility of customer service with a mobile app

06. Analytic

Acquire valuable feedback and insights into your customer service. You can keep an eye for agents’ performance and other metrics.

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