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Appschef Whitelabel Mobile Trading App - Whitelabel Mobile App for Trading Equities, Mutual Funds, and Commodities

Appschef Mobile Trading App

What is Appschef Mobile Trading App?

Today, since there are plenty of "common" people involved in the stock market and trade, online trading is a good option to invest in the market easier by utilizing a smartphone, enough money to open an account, and a reasonably good personal financial history record.

You don't have to get a certain broker to help you anymore since the market now has become more accessible for anyone and people have more options to choose an online brokerage, making trades and protected from fraud with a secure application.

What will you get by purchasing the product?

Here are some of the features of the app:

01. Homepage

Users can view updated graphic prices of equities, mutual funds, and commodities including the nominal balance in Fiat Money or Gold and main features in the app, navigation menu, history, withdraw, and app settings.

02. Top-up page

Users top-up deposit to be used for trading easily through a secured payment gateway, or manually with the wire transfer method by uploading the transfer receipt.

03. Buy/Sell

Users can do selling or buying transactions of stocks and view the data displayed by the system such as fund balance, price chart, and fee in a certain period of time.

04. Withdraw

Customers can make a request for money / stocks withdrawal by providing their bank account data safely & securely.

05. History

All transaction lists are displayed, including the time of the transaction, type of transaction, balance mutation, and balance status.

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