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Social Media App. - Mobile Engagement


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What is Social Media App. - Mobile Engagement?

Here is the detailed features you will get

01. Social Media with Secured Access & Interactive Timeline

Your mobile engagement access will be protected and managed by admin, so that only your community could access your social media app. The timeline would be separated by 2

  • corporate feed

  • people feed 

for the ease of communication.

02. Event Announcement with Reminders

Build more awareness for all of your events, gather more audience from your core community by announcing your event details in the app.

Users can also use the app to directly add the event to the phone’s calendar and thus get the reminder.

03. YouTube Video Streaming

Stream your Youtube videos into the users’ mobile app, keep your community updated while also gain more view count for your video.

04. News Update

Keep community updated with your company’s latest news. The app provides an easy information access to your community. Even if they are scattered in various cities, islands, or even countries. You can also get community feedback by voting / asking open questions.

05. Community Grouping

Members can get more social, build communities where app users can join and contact each other. Users can join unlimited number of communities run by moderators.

In other words this is your private social networking site where users can post text, pictures, and create exclusive community event.

06. Social Fun

Users are free to express themselves in the app by sharing:​

  • status
  • photo
  • 15 sec. video
  • smiley
  • sticker
  • I’m with tag
  • post comments

Social Sharing

Two Account Types

  • Community Admin
  • User

07. GPS Direction with Location Service

GPS feature to help users to find your event locations. Want to know what's even better? The app can actually call Google Map to easily find directions & waypoint from users current location.

What would you get from the minimum purchase?

Contact us for price inquiry.

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