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E-Wallet App: E-Money with Payment Points


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What is E-Wallet App: E-Money with Payment Points?

E-Money with Payment Points offers a useful facility where customers can make a payment online and do shopping at partnered street merchant store. This system is very simple. Your merchants can join and operate by only using their android device, while the customers can do transaction on both iOS & android smartphone. There's no need to connect to a special EDC machine or complicated installation.

Our e-money solution integrates with mobile wallet payment systems. This integration makes it easier for customers to conduct transactions, while merchants receive secure payment directly to their account. We facilitate payment with QR code scan to improve business efficiency, simplicity, and convenient payment experience. QR is a pixelated black and white squares contains a unique pattern and designed for mobile phone camera to read it as a scanner. So, it’s going to make any transactions faster and safer.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here are the detailed features you will get

Here are the benefits for your company

01. Easy payment

The application grows user addiction as they wonted to utilize e-money to help them complete their daily payments.

02. Valuable app

It is easier to attract merchants since the application gives more values for them.

03. Safe database

Your company doesn’t have to spend more time to research and develop the application since all users data will be full recorded in the database storage.

04. Top user

The application usability can take your company as the leader of the mobile payment system user in the country.

Here are the benefits for the end users / customers

01. Safe and secure transaction

Payments with e-wallet is secure since users will verify their personal data before transactions. User account encrypts the associated data to avoid random extraction by unknown person. The technology in this streamlined payments guarantees the user safety.

02. Convenient and easy to use

The convenience of payment bring up a user addiction. People doesn’t need to fill up a wallet with unnecessary cards anymore and if users happen to have forgotten to bring cash, they can still pay their order with their phone.

03. Effectively saving time

User have a special priviledge to quickly receive their order when it is ready. The application can reduce customer waiting times at transaction check out.  You don't need to spend longer time completing the order because the e-wallet works faster and complete transaction in seconds, so they can be more productive in tight hours.

What would you get from the minimum purchase?

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