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Web Alarm - Security Monitoring


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What is Web Alarm - Security Monitoring?

Even one malicious change, can do harm to your IT infrastructures and exploit your data. Vulnerabilities in unsecured internet infrastructure, OS, application, and even user could end up doing damage to your reputation, someone’s career, and at worst decline the stock price data.

WebAlarm Security Monitoring was purposely built to protect your data from unauthorized changes as three-in-one solution for company IT infrastructure:

  • Monitoring
  • Protection
  • Integrity

Not only securing, WebAlarm also evaluate and handle any suspicious changes that happened in your IT infrastructure.

Web content protection

Monitoring of web applications and data around the clock with automated recovery system.

Ensure web server integrity

Protecting web server from DNS records, settings, mail server configurations and controls data upload activities.


Provides data and application audit capability

Providing audit trails of file and data modifications.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed features you will get

01. File & Data Integrity Monitoring

To ensure that your website is never successfully hacked, WebAlarm do a 24/7 protection efficiently and accurately to detect file modification. The Integrity check method are platform dependent with a variation in Windows and Unix. Each monitored file are checked for its existence, integrity, and access permissions.

WebAlarm will conduct backup procedure such as hashing to help with verifying file change detection. A brief illustration on event of unauthorized modification are as pictured

02. Automatic Recovery

WebAlarm provides 5 different website recovery options:

  • Recovery
  • No Recovery
  • Alternative Page
  • Update
  • Log Monitoring

If you choose to recover the tampered files, WebAlarm will automatically take immediate action when detection confirmed that a specific file differs from the normal file, the agent then pulls the original file from the backup folder and replaces the altered copy with the original.

All monitoring and restoration process are done and logged without requiring any additional scripting by the administrator.

03. Data Violation Alert

WebAlarm Security Monitoring will issue alerts upon detection of any data integrity violation. The types of alerts include:

  • console alerts
  • network management console alerts
  • via SNMP
  • email alerts
  • text message

04. Data Update Management

WebAlarm continuously monitor your website without interruption while some part of the data is being updated. It provides 2 flexible methods for content owners to update the monitored data without triggering any false alarm.

  • Secure scheduled update
  • WebAlarm update module

You can choose whichever works best for you.

Example of Product Package

The Product

  • WebALARM Professional Edition
  • Volume Package (1 Console + Server Agents)
  • include 1st Year Maintenance

Professional Service:

  • Installation
  • Service Support 8×5, 6 Tickets for Troubleshoot*
  • 4 times Year Health Checks

*Fixes for general damage from misuse or to stabilize the software; if the request require to fix the system we will open the case to eLock as WebAlarm product principal.


  • Monitoring
  • Notification
  • Recovery
  • Graphical Management,
  • Reporting
  • Update Management Agent

What would you get from the minimum purchase?

Contact us for price inquiry.

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