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What is Firewall - Network Security ?

Before, perhaps we know firewall with its basic roles, which are to protect our private network from external hacker and provides a portal to control traffic both into and out of company internal network. But based on business people demand, firewall continues to transform and suits its purpose with your nowadays business requirement with much needed visibility and control over user activity. 

With Sophos Firewall, we help you with the next-generation firewall which creates earlier firewall which is stateful and covers over the connection ports and internet browser in open network. Sophos Firewall gives you a special ability to share information and provide real-time insights, unparalleled protection, and automated incident response, which isolate and limit the access of infected system until they got cleaned up. 

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed features you will get

01 Smart Firewall

Most of the other firewall software needs you to set up and manage all security system through complicated modules, but Sophos Firewall is a smart firewall that had already been designed that allows you to easily establish security pattern for your business system and managed all user, application, policies in a single place.

02  Security Heartbeat

Sophos Security Heartbeat is a special widget that indicates the health status of all your office devices. Same as control room, Security Heartbeat gives you sudden red or yellow alert if any system of your network running an app unexpectedly or got infected by external hacks. 

The widget gives you full information on the affected office devices, including: 

  • User
  • Hostname
  • IP Address

Security Heartbeat provides full insight of every infecting process, which allows you to take earlier action by quarantining the affected system and automatically limit infected system access to resource network. 

03 Automated Incident Response with Unified Policy Model

Sophos Firewall gives you an ultimate security solution you can setup unified policy model with policy types (user, business application, network) that is able to identify the source of infection inside your network, directly isolates the infection and build a boundary access to other network resources. 

04 Synchronized App Control

This feature will allow you to reveal all currently unidentified apps that is running on your traffic network and makes it possible for you to control which apps that you want to block or boost its performance.

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