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Techpolitan R&D Lab – Dedicated Software Development Center


What is Techpolitan R&D Lab – Dedicated Software Development Center?

Techpolitan Research and Development (R&D) Lab is a one-stop solution for your software development needs located in Bandung, West Java. As a dedicated Software R&D Lab, you will be provided with a physical infrastructure that is well suited for the developments of your projects, which includes:

  • A team of highly skillful IT personnel and experts to help you develop your software
  • A dedicated building for the contract
  • Supportive personnel & facilities that ensure
    • Easiness of communication with the main office
    • Security, safety, and confidentiality of both the project & personnel

This also means that you actually will only pay for the personnel while having the full benefit of the use of facilities and infrastructures during the duration of our contract.

How Techpolitan R&D Lab can fit your needs?

Whether it is small and highly intensive or large and vastly extensive, Techpolitan R&D Lab offers solution for IT development of relatively every size and scale. Our contract can be chosen from various packages as follows:

The personnel required for the contract, can be chosen according to your preferences from these 3 following options:

  • Outsourcing
    Meet scalable demand, by mixing your in-house personnel with 3rd party engineering vendors.
  • Headhunting
    Take advantage of the wage gap between your city and Bandung, Indonesia
  • Training
    Instead of focusing solely on hiring, let’s manufacture your own personnel.

For example, the Mini Package would consist of:

  • 1 Scrum Master (PM)
  • 1 Devtest (QA)
  • 1 WD
  • 4 Developers   

A sample for the mini package can be seen at our office in BSD, South Tangerang, just on the outskirt of Jakarta. Along with this, you will get the option of fully outsourcing your projects, recruit your own personnel, and custom training your beginner recruits.

What will you get by purchasing this service?

Here are the detailed features of the service:

01. IT Team Skills/Competencies:

  • Project Manager (Scrum Master), Business Analyst
  • QA (Dev Tester), Security Tester
  • UI/UX Designer, HTML/CSS Frontend
  • PHP, Angular, React, ReactNative, Flutter, Android Dev
  • Go-Lang, Phyton, ROR, NodeJS, iOS Dev
  • .Net, Java Dev

02. Facilities:

  • Security Personnel that can double as receptionists
  • Testing Server Room
  • Meeting Room with video conference capability
  • Workroom for all personnel
  • QA Station with various testing gadgets such as android phones, iPads, and more
  • Scrum Meeting Area with space that can accommodate 15 people’s stand up scrum meeting, and segmented wall for post-it stickers.
  • Skype Room
  • Security Facilities with CCTV system, fingerprint access, and fire extinguisher
  • Branch Manager Room / Desk
  • Project materials, designs, and other displays can be placed all across the wall

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