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Mowbly – Mobile App Development Platform


What is Mowbly – Mobile App Development Platform?

Being in business and surviving means you need to stay at the top of your competitors. In today’s digital world, everybody needs to have flexibility and choices to improve their quality of life, work, and productivity. As smartphone has turned into a daily necessity, mobility is one of the important things for a sustainable business.

Mobility will give your customers, employees, and partners an experience of having an ‘always-on’ service that directly takes the business to the application users. With the additional mobility, it also gives your user audience a direct access to relevant facility & enterprise data.

Mobile apps don't exist on their own. Generally, you'll find three major problems when you want to build an app from scratch, such as:

  • A huge number of mobile devices with multiple channels
  • Hire many developers to maintain all applications
  • Time delays

Mowbly is a hybrid mobile app development that helps you to:

  • Build mobile apps which target multiple operating systems for all type of devices
  • Easily develop mobile apps without special development skill for each operating systems (OS)
  • Reduce development cost
  • Speed up the development time

As a mobile app development platform, Mowbly will help companies in realizing mobile strategy and enhance productivity on business automation.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here are the detailed features you will get

01. Mobile App Development Platform

Enterprise faces the challenge of a constantly changing ecosystem of mobile Operating System (OS) landscape since recent years. This condition makes native mobile app development a costly plan to make.

Mobile app development platform is a solution and tool that support cross-platform mobile development. It enables developers to build rich mobile apps only by using web coding technology like Javascript, HTML5, and CSS, which is useful for multiple operating systems.

02. Mobile Simulator

Mobile Simulator offers you an advanced integrated mobile simulator which works as a correction tool to run and debug web-based apps, allowing developers to do things, as follows:

  • App logic testing is connected to the enterprise backend in real time
  • App integration testing in a simulated environment with native device features, such as camera, contact, GPS, etc.
  • Try different UI themes on the app
  • Check App UI behavior on different device orientation
  • Check UI responsiveness on popular smartphone screens

03. Mowbly Runtime SDK

Mowbly Runtime SDK offers a complete runtime SDK (Software Development Kit) which integrates with mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. This platform’s major advantage compared to other products is that the SDK components built on a single code and smoothly integrate with each other.

04. Mowbly Mobility Server

This feature is a gateway between the client mobile apps, enterprise back-end systems, and external services like cloud apps, which helps you to:

  • Deploy the developed apps to multiple channels, such as mobile devices, mobile website, and web apps.
  • Help admin to set up cross-platform enterprise app store
  • Host development project supported with Development – Testing – Production (DTP) space, which supports fork (split / create the variant of your project), import, and export of your projects. 
  • Provide server on multiple environments like on software, private cloud, or public cloud.

05. Mowbly Management Console

This is a web-based user interface that allows your company admin to run some tasks centrally from a single point. The management console enables the IT admins to:

  • manage users from multiple sources
  • manage roles and assign the users to do their roles
  • publish enterprise mobile app and assign the team for different roles
  • view app usage metrics in the integrated monitoring dashboard
  • manage registered devices
  • remotely manage app on user devices 
  • get control and insight into the deployment process by monitoring various operational parameters


06. Mowbly Monitoring & Analytics Dashboard

This web-based feature enables admin to monitor and analyze various operational information from the user devices. Mowbly Monitoring & Analytics Dashboard has many benefits such as:

  • Easier reporting for a lot of statistical information
  • Security warranty for enterprise data in the devices
  • Identify the patterns in the app and determine issues in the app
  • Determine the exact decision for new investments on apps