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Infrastructure Project Management Software


What is Infrastructure Project Management Software?

Infrastructure Project Management Software’s main purpose is to help your company in handling infrastructure projects, especially in monitoring, survey, installation, and maintenance. It’s also capable to be connected to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, making project operational recording so much easier.

On each project, transmission / distribution point are registered with its geolocation helping technician with installation & maintenance tasks with Google Map display. Overall the system will aid you in task distribution for each division and improving team mobility with mobile task report.

There are 4 roles that will handle things in the system:

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here are the detailed features you will get

Mobile Features

01. Dashboard

Basically the mobile app act as a mobile inspection & reporting app, that will help the field officers on the go. This is the main page which displays the assignment that needs to be done from your project list. The project list is separated into three categories:

  • Un-started Project
  • In-progress Project
  • Completed Project

To create the project list, users will need to wait for the verification process by admin, after then the project list will show up on the dashboard page.

02. Tracking Survey

In un-started project list, users can make a new survey checklist for the project; which is basically a project ticket for the implementer. To create a new survey item, the user has to fill in all required field, and then the system will ask for access permission to upload video and image file for survey requirement and start tracking the project.

The survey has the main purpose of recording the position point where to work on each work ticket (for example: installing underground cable or pipeline), including taking notes for all environment condition at that position.

03. Purchase Order and Purchase Request Management

Your field team (especially surveyor, technician, and supervisor) can make an order request for the project & maintenance needs. First, the user will need to fill the order list in their task feature, then after it is submitted on the item list, a notification for the supervisor will appear in backend page to review.

Purchase Request Management feature is also available for admin & the staff to manage the permit of every purchase for the project. The system will automatically record it and keeps everyone updated in log history.

04. Survey Summary

Survey summary keeps all information that has been filled by the user about the project, including:

  • Distance
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Duration
  • Start and End Coordinate
  • and many more

It helps the project to get started easily.

Web Desktop Features

05. User Registration

Mobile users need to contact admin for the registration process, therefore admin will verify their ID thru the backend system.

06. Create Project

Admin can make project brief for the field team. The brief includes detailed information about the project with notes on:

  • the transmission / distribution point to be used
  • description
  • automatically generated task / task template
  • other important pieces of information

After the project is created, it will be shown on the field team’s new project list.

07. Project Summary

This page contains information which help admin for making project list, for example:

  • Starting Position (longitude & latitude)
  • Final Position (longitude & latitude)
  • Number of roads
  • Total length of a bridge
  • Etc.

08. Core Management

This feature manages installed infrastructures such as pipeline or cable and helps you to track damaged components.

09. Color Management

Color management helps admin to mark every line on the map to distinguish the progress of every survey that still on-going.