IBM Watson - AI Chatbot Development

IBM Watson - AI Chatbot Development

What is IBM Watson - AI Chatbot Development?

In the digital era, everyone has taken one step forward to maximize business performance, especially in customer service department. Solving the problems and customer queries are very important to give future impacts, for example: keeping consumer loyalty along with brand establishment.

As everything has gone digital, AI Chatbot will be the future of customer service and management. IBM Watson's AI will lead you to a new way of automated services for the customers. It offers high intelligence service experience that sophisticatedly capable to understand complex request.

Every specific data has been implanted inside AI Chatbot according to your business field. AI Chatbot are also enhanced by Virtual Agent, who’s able to help you build custom content based on customers’ insights and projecting the daily changing pattern of customers’ need.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed features you will get

01. Pre-trained Industry Knowledge

Chatbot has already understand your customer needs before it deploys. We use pre-train industry knowledge to implant customable company data according to your business purpose and needs. 

02. Self Service Delivered by Bots

It applies a specific application that understands multiple natural-languages and response to customers in human-like conversation. While answering customers queries, bots effectively provide contextualized customer experience by using the basic knowledge from pre-trained industry knowledge.

03. Personalized Configuration

Our product is personally configured, without code, so as a business people you don’t need programming expertise knowledge to operate it. What you need is to configure the bot based on the specifics requirement of your business.

04. Deep Analytics Capabilities

While the bot is working, we have the best Engagement Metrics dashboard which takes note on every conversation with customers. It works as an evaluation phase that understands customers need and use the system to improve your business deployment. 

05. Engagement Metrics Dashboard

Metrics Dashboard discovers a new opportunity to elevate customer services quality based on the analytics of interaction between your customer and Chatbot. 

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