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Enterprise Backup Solutions (Big Data)


What is Enterprise Backup Solutions (Big Data)?

Today, almost every corporation archives their important data, either to fulfill federal regulation or as an archiving process to comply with internal business requirements. But unlike ordinary data backup, there is a challenge in archiving enterprise data as the growth rate of the company’s data is increasingly faster and larger from year to year.

Archiving data is not as easy as performing ordinary backups, especially when there is a large volume of data. For a large data backup strategy, you will need to pay more attention to the storing process, how to manage it, so you will not wind up with a collection of old junk. 

The process of archiving large volumes of data is trickier than it looks. The archives must be durable. And then, there are a couple two things that should be considered, such as storage medium and devices. To preserve the data for a long time, you must choose the right storage media that will last longer.

The second issue is how to access the data when you need it. If the required data have some value from years of history and internal memory, they must be stored in an accessible database with simple access methods that don’t require a different set of skills and tools.

Our data backup solution is capable to answer all these needs. It provides efficient tools for archiving process as well as to store, manage, and index millions of objects within the storage. Hence, the solution makes it possible for you to access the required data whenever and wherever you need it. 

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here are the detailed features you will get

01. Workflow Integration

Enterprise Backup Solutions (Big Data) is capable to be directly integrated with your asset management system and streamlines with your content workflow. Our data backup solution’s automation system enables you to efficiently fulfill customer needs, such as providing the platform and format specific deliverables of data for your customer, and many more.

02.Simple Search and Restoration

Enterprise Backup Solutions (Big Data) provides easy-to-use dashboard interface that simplifies set data searches and with drag-and-drop archive and restores feature, which helps technicians to efficiently search and restore works from the archive.

03. High Performance

Enterprise Backup Solutions (Big Data) helps you to deal with a rapidly growing number of files, which possess new challenge in terms of volume, a variety of formats, and velocity. Enterprise Backup Solutions (Big Data) can transfer extremely large files and hundreds of million small files between petabyte storage in the velocity of several GB per second.

04. Flexible Archive Hierarchy

Enterprise Backup Solutions (Big Data) does not require a specific archive structure, so it gives you more freedom in organizing your own assets in a hierarchy, which simplifies the management of hundreds of petabytes.