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Appschef eLearning – Employee Training App - Whitelabel Online Course for Employee Training

Appschef eLearning – Employee Training App

What is Appschef eLearning – Employee Training App?

For a business, sales are the activities that can be assumed as the measure of how well an organization is doing. Sales are about selling products and services in a given time period which can produce revenue to help the business run. And, sales also indicate a fulfilled goal in meeting the needs of clients.

eLearning - Employee Training App is a suitable solution for an organization to work around all the constant challenges in a competitive field such as sales. The application offers benefits for employees and provides online learning materials to increase their understanding of product knowledge or company services.

What will you get by purchasing the product?

Here are some of the features of the app:

01. Tutorial

This is a method of transferring product and service knowledge or instruction with more interactive and specific details including showing examples and giving information to complete a certain task.

02. Redeem point

The users can view some points collected after following some lessons or participating in a quiz and redeem the points with a product or gift provided by the admin.

03. Classes

The users can view the description of classes to join and available modules in classes together with the progress of the lesson that is running today.

04. Detailed modules

The users can view the contents to learn in form of text, images, or video with detailed infographics and the users will get some points to be redeemed after completed the lesson.

05. Quizzes

After finishing a lesson the users can participate in a quiz provided by the admin to get some points for every correct answer and at the end of the quiz, the users can view how many points they get.

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