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Custom Application Support & Maintenance Service


What is Custom Application Support & Maintenance Service?

Applications need regular maintenance and support to ensure its intended purpose delivered and the system runs and works optimally. This service aims on supporting operational tasks, including:

  • Handling complaints
  • Technical issues
  • Continuous updates
  • Detecting application failure
  • Dispatching tasks to developers or system administrator as necessary
  • Get back to user for status report.

Custom Application Support & Maintenance Service act as a managed service provider to manage application performance and provides a helpdesk tool to help your users with technical issues. These services include constant monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance of your custom built application systems. The technical maintenance activities include:

  • System management (preventive maintenance)
  • OS/database user access management
  • Response to bugs identification
  • Keep the application up-to-date with new features.
  • Prevention from application performance problems
  • Enhance application security to prevent data loss (backup and restore of data).

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here are the detailed features for your company

01. Bug Fixing

Our team will identify bugs varieties that appear in the application and fix it, and prevent annoying bugs from bugging users.

02. Open Source Application Patch

If your company’s application is using open source product and the currently installed version is found to have a major bug and patch to the current version is available, we will help patch the software.

The patch improves the performance and security of your application. Installing updates ensures that applications can continue to run safe and efficient. The software application needs regular improvement to avoid security issues. Software updates allow users to get benefit from application improvements, bug fixes, and new security defenses.

03. Monitoring

Application failure or uninterrupted functionality can appear unexpectedly. That’s why applications need constant attention and monitoring. Custom Application Support & Maintenance Service helps you to give instant alert & rapid handling for problem resolution.

04. Maintenance and Support

This service gives the solution to fix existing issues. It supports to immediately address critical issues that can affect the application.

05. Reduce Downtime

Maintenance and support service aims to improve the performance of the application and reduce system outages and downtime.