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User-friendly Authentic Jewelry E-commerce

  • Solution: Marketing
  • Industry: Wholesale, Retail, Distributor
  • Company: PT. Lino Walden Teknologi

This is a Solution from a member of WGSHub alliance.

Whizliz is an emerging jewelry company who wants to answer the customer needs and making transaction easy and efficient. The company sells innovative and exclusive designs of jewelry that is affordable for everyone in the middle class. The doubt of product authenticity through online system is the reason for the company to build a trusted e-commerce. Therefore, the company wanted to develop a responsive e-commerce web application with a an interesting display.

Our partner designed the application in order to attract more buyers, capture email subscribers and increase product sales. The website is very user friendly with attractive display. Users will not only find many information about the various types of exclusive products but they can also choose the jewelry they like easily on their browser.

The web application development runs on top of a Wordpress, Linux Ubuntu, Apache webserver and MySQL database. On the front-end,the application uses HTML5/CSS3, Javascripts and JQuery.

Here are a few from many features in the application, as follows:

  1. Product filter
    User can filter products based on different price, category or model and colour easily.
  2. Guide book
    Users can learn more about jewelry details such as certificate, diamond carat, cutting type or ring size.
  3. Secure shopping
    All transaction conducted in the web is safe and protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology Encryption which connected to the company server. So all the transaction is private and safe.
  4. Subscriber
    Users will get a popup notification offering a newsletter subscription. The benefit of becoming a subcriber is that customers will get information about vouchers or product promo.
  5. Payment system
    The payment system is integrated withpayment gateway that allows users to make transaction in various methods.
  6. Live chat
    This feature provides help to answer more information needed by the customers at the real time.
  7. Order tracking
    Users can track their order by filling the transaction data into the tracking menu.
  8. Online return
    Users will find the web helpful because they can return the products if it’s not suitable with their expectation.


Technical Specification:


  • MySQL

Operating System (OS)

  • Ubuntu Server


  • Apache Webserver

Programming Language

  • PHP
  • Javascript


  • jQuery
  • WooCommerce

Markup Language

  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5

Business Issue:

The company wants to focus on the sale of gold and diamond jewelry through online system.

Business Solution:

A fine display of e-commerce web application offers options for customers to choose and purchase the jewelry they want easily. The guidebook will also help first time customers to understand more about jewellery improving their trust to the company.


The company provides and facilitates customers with an good web application so they can easily buy jewelry online without going to the store.

Lesson Learned:

The online store today provides many features which are more beneficial to increase the sales of the product rather than the conventional one.


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