Digital Bank Mobile Application for Singapore Based Multinational Banking Company

Digital Bank Mobile Application for Singapore Multinational Banking Company

Technical Specification


When the pace of life is getting faster people is starting to look for more convenient ways for their daily routine including banking activities. People are looking for simpler ways to make their life easier and technology touches nearly every aspect of life, including banking. The banking industry accepts the challenge from the market where everything seems can be done online and it almost eliminating the need for brick-and-mortar institutions.

WGS has accepted the challenge to collaborate with one big team to develop a digital banking mobile app for a multinational banking company in South East Asia based in Singapore. This application is a good solution to help people managing their income and spending easier.

The application makes banking activities become transparent and more attractive since the system can interpret transaction data into good information and followed by some tips to help the user do banking easier. It is also complemented with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and complex data analyzing technology in order to deliver a financial suggestion based on transaction patterns in order to make people manage their finances better.

We would like to share some interesting features in this application, as follows:

  1. Smart Insights
    This feature provides an insight based on the user transaction patterns to remind and alert the user for paying the bills and routine transfer before due time, so the user will not have to late-paying anymore.
  2. Cashflow analysis
    The system displays the detail of daily transactions every month including the spending on the credit card or debit card in order to help the user managing their cashflow better.
  3. Prediction
    The system provides a prediction of the user's cash flow pattern to give ease for them keeping the account balance sufficient enough to pay the bills or transfers. 
  4. Smart Savings
    This feature provides personal advice and also tips and trick on how the user can increase and improve the savings while playing an attractive game in the application.



Business Issue.

The growth of smartphone users and the number of people using banking apps are progressing faster nowadays and the company wants to improve the company’s digital performance and meet the demand from the market by providing easy access to banking for customers everywhere.

Business Solution.

This mobile banking app offers a personalized experience for customers where they can actively interact and meet their needs for routine banking activities that presented in a simple language afar from the banking term that is difficult to understand.


This tool can help a company to cut costs on physical infrastructure and hiring costs since all transactions are moving into online operations, while the customers can save time and hassle through more convenient banking transactions.

Lesson Learned.

It is time for bank institutions to quickly implement a mobile banking app to remain at the top of the competition because customers are now looking for easier solutions that fully operate in the mobile world.

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