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Technical Specification


The customer is a Canadian IT company, Endeavour Technology, and our task was to develop a phone system for a prison that would allow users to see all active voice calls and then be able to listen on any one of those calls. Click on any of the active calls which should then ring the SIP extension of a registered asterisk extension. The Asterisk server is bridging SIP calls from the SIP Phones and forwarding them to the PSTN Gateway. Essentially it is acting as a B2BUA. We can see all the active sessions using SIP show channels. We would like to see all possible info related to a channel to be displayed and the user then selecting the channel he/she want to listen in. We then develop an IVR Solution to integrate with the system.

The Asterisk will act as a PSTN gateway with a T1 card (24 lines) and receive SIP calls. It will handle at least 96 simultaneous calls over the 4 T1 ports (24*4). The application should integrate with the database (MSSQL Server). This IVR system offers a cost effective and money saving way of handling customer calls 24x7. Interesting features include:

  •  PIN Number Validation
  •  Restricted list / Time Restricted List ( eg. lawyers - which doesn't take the calls during certain days and time) need to be configured in the database and tracked accordingly.
  •  Calling card billing configuration and synchronization with Asterisk along with the Pegging solutions defined in the requirement document.
  •  Call Timing limit Implemented technologies :  LAMP (CentOS 5.2 as the server), Asterisk, SANGOMA A104E (4 PORT T1 or 96 voice circuits) ,Eyebeam / Xlite / SIP Phon

Business Issue.

The client wants to monitor active calls for a prison. Moreover, they also would like to hear them over.

Business Solution.

Integrate IVR with Asterisk.


Easily monitor and record call using VoIP.

Lesson Learned.

IVR and Asterisk combination.

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