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Bitcoin Exchange Platform

Technical Specification

Markup Language
  • HTML 5
Programming Language
  • Javascript
  • Ruby


Bitcoin is one of the recent economic buzz both in the web and in the real world. Its decentralized management is compatible with Internet’s decentralized ownership. However, its legal acceptability is still disputable in some countries. Never heard of Bitcoins? Read

Pros and cons aside, Bitcoin is something that you can’t ignore in your business and entrepreneurs have already digging gold from it. WGS is aware of the demands in Indonesia and Singapore and thus developed a Bitcoin platform called CoinExAsia. CoinExAsia hosts Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange which allows many types of business players be it retail, commercial, or even institutional to exchange Fiat Currency (A government-regulated currency, such as Dollar, Euro, Yen, etc) with Bitcoin and vice-versa. CoinExAsia benefits from Singapore’s robust economic regulations which protect clients so their fiat currencies will stay safe even after the exchange. Every fund transfer needs confirmation before it can be spent on specific purchase so only the specified user can authorize it.

Business Issue.

Bitcoin is one of recent economic trend but people are still suspicious of its financial stability

Business Solution.

WGS developed a Bitcoin Exchange platform which uses Singapore’s fair trade and economic regulations to amp up Bitcoin’s presence on business players in both Singapore and neighboring countries.


WGS gains a high exposure in both economic and digital world.

Lesson Learned.

An army march on its stomach, as Sun Tzu says. Every business endeavors would require specific funding and Bitcoin is currently one of the main cravings for digital businesses.

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