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Improvement On Mobile E Money Application

Technical Specification

  • jQuery
Markup Language
  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
Programming Language
  • iOS
  • Javascript
  • Android
  • Ruby


One of the largest regional Bank in Indonesia, wanted to improve their existing mobile e-money product (Android, iOS), e-Cash. It’s a service where both existing bank customer and non-customer could top-up and use the facility for all transactions supported by the bank. Their current app is facing common mobile application problem such as time out and automatic log out which is frustrating for users. To help them we start with brainstorming sessions with the client’s team, analyzing existing code, data, and their customer base.

The result helps us in guiding the initial work and improvement with new onboarding dashboard, and navigation structure.

Supported Top Up Channel:

  • E-Channel: ATM, Internet, SMS, and Clickpay.
  • Transfer using other bank account, to the destination account number.
  • Partner retail stores.

Business Issue.

One of the largest regional Bank in Indonesia, wanted to improve their existing e-money product, e-Cash for better user experience while maintaining utmost importance on product security.

Business Solution.

Once we know their current difficulties and business goals, we are planning a way to fix their application issue with improvements on the dashboard & navigation.


With better user experience and all the facilities provided by the bank; customers are more likely to re-use the application and build both trust & loyalty to the bank.

Lesson Learned.

While fixing their current e-Cash application we are learning more about the structure and basics of building e-money applications.

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