Advantech Temperature Screening Solution to Fight Covid-19 for City Government in Japan

Technical Specification


In order to control and prevent the further spread of COVID-19, Advantech welcomes many parties from a different range of industries to collaborate and implement a non-contact temperature screening solution and experimenting the video AI technology.

The client is one of the city government in Japan who plans to deploy a temperature screening solution at various locations around the city, including the government buildings. Furthermore, the collected temperature data will be used for research and analysis to optimize infection prevention measures.


Advantech’s non-contact temperature screening solution provides some features as mention below to help the city government implement their plans, such as:

  1. Thermographic camera and facial recognition technology that supports the rapid scanning of multiple people simultaneously by measuring forehead temperature. That way, the system can identify potential infection risks.
  2. Configuration of the video AI technology inclusion in the system can help them record the moments before and after a temperature check to enable subsequent analysis in the case of an emergency.
  3. Integration of video AI technology with a 3D camera can also be used for occupancy monitoring. This allows the government to identify crowding and enforce social distancing for public safety.

Business Issue.

Considering the current situation of COVID-19, it is essential for the city to exert every effort to protect citizens and local businesses.

Business Solution.

Advantech has cooperated with the city government by introducing and deploying the AI-based temperature screening solution around the city to measure the tackling of the Covid-19.


The implementation of Advantech’s non-contact temperature screening solution and video AI technology has help the city to improve the reliability of temperature data.

Lesson Learned.

The Advantech technology implementation in the city has given an important impact in terms of development, production, and logistics of the city and also improve the public health and safety.

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