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2D and 3D Animation Service: Bring your Story to Life


What is 2D and 3D Animation Service: Bring your Story to Life?

Animation is an imitation of real-life motion through moving pictures. It is a field of both art and science that has the capability to bring life and zeal to non-living characters. While in the old days it involves a rapid display of a sequence of static hand-drawn images, today we are benefitted from technology that allows us to produce animations from computer-generated images (CGI) in both 2-dimensional form (2D) and 3-dimensional form (3D).

So, what are the roles of both 2D animation and 3D animation in practical business?

2D animation works best for simple, straightforward projects where there's no reason to step too far outside the box. Some productions don't need any flair or fancy moves to communicate effectively, especially in the case of serious topics or concepts that function best with clarity in mind. 2D animation certainly has a time and a place. It’s commonplace for explainer videos that require a crystal clear message and corporate videos that must quickly get to the point.

On the other hand, 3D animation comes out swinging with the ability to add realistic modeling and motion graphics to the mix. 3D animation is suited to more imaginative concepts and enables brands to challenge norms with their marketing efforts. 3D is also extremely versatile; it can take on a wide range of tones, styles, and formats to meet your specific needs.

However, a combination of both can bring any vision to life. Whether you want to emphasize a portion of your production or like the innovation that comes with a mix of styles, using the best of both worlds can help you create a product no one will forget.

What will you get by purchasing the service?

Here are the detailed features of the Service:

01. Education

Humans have a tendency to remember videos and images more than textual content. Animation for educational purposes can be effectively utilized to enhance the reception levels of the students and trainees.

02. Entertainment

Animation is extensively used for entertainment in a wide range of platforms including movies, television, and internet-based media.

03. Scientific Visualization

It is extensively used to create accurate and representative scientific visualization for research and analytical studies.

04. Gaming

It is an industry where everything is dependent on animation as most 3D characters for games are created with animation. It is the very basis upon which everything on a game is modeled and created.

05. Medical

Animation allows professionals and medical students to visualize the details of the human anatomy with clarity, even the ones that the naked eyes cannot see.

06. Retail

Marketers can use animations to showcase product attributes to their customers. 3D modeling and animation can interpret the functions of a product, along with its features in a lucid manner.

07. Architecture and Engineering

In architecture, it is necessary to explain the proposed designs to potential customers in a simplified manner. The importance of 3d animation in architecture lies in the fact, that these can be produced in quick time and reasonable costs.

08. Manufacturing

Animations and computer models can be used to develop virtual models of various products in the manufacturing sector.

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