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Mobile Loan App

What is Mobile Loan App?

A decade ago, it was such a difficult journey for people trying to apply for a loan from the bank since they have to deal with complex process that involved a huge amount of paperwork and procedures. However, today it turns out that everybody can apply a loan by submitting required and valid documents by using smartphones.

The internet has made many parts of our lives easier including getting a loan. And, today needs for a loan seem to be growing and it is predicted to be exponential in the coming years. However, the loan app in the app world is still limited.

Therefore, it would be a good opportunity to develop a loan app customized to your requirements to get into the competition and standing out of the crowd. And, the online loan is a suitable option for they who do not qualify for a bank loan and need funds immediately.

What will you get by purchasing the product?

For borrowers

For lenders

Here are some of the features of the app:


01. Dashboard

The admin manages the loan transaction, credit limit scheme, and can view all transaction data including the on-going ones and active loans using this feature.

02. Credit limit management

The admin can view all user data who request or apply for a credit limit in detail and process it into validation for approval or rejection.

03. History

All history of transactions with credit limit were displayed in this feature including the transaction with another platform, approved loan, and auto-debit for loan payment.

04. Report

The admin can view all transactions such as transaction or mutation data from many sources that use a loan balance from another platform, including the approved credit limit and auto-debit for loan payment.


01. Registration

The user can register by submitting their valid data and documents needed to apply for a loan with the loan amount and duration and the system will checked its eligibility and validate it for approval.

02. Payback period

The user can set the payback period referring to the amount of time to recover the cost of their loan in this feature.

03. Payment

The user will receive the payment due date notification before date of payment must occur, whether paying the minimum amount or one-time payment according to the amount of loan applied.

04. Auto debit

The user can arrange auto debit payment for paying back the loan by giving permission to the system to take the payments from their bank account.

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