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Appschef Distributor ERP - ERP System for Distributors

Appschef Distributor ERP

What is Appschef Distributor ERP?

Appschef Distributor ERP is a system where an organization consolidates and brings-down the entire order hierarchy to a single dashboard and avoids false orders or stock mismanagement. With the system, a well-organized process pipeline can be established including organizing and managing the flow of goods between multiple touchpoints.


The distribution business is about gaining profit margins from the turnover of collective goods. So, the more you sell, the better your business runs. That is why you need to manage the entire stock-flow and process well throughout the entire retailer-distributor network.

Appschef Distributor ERP helps an organization to handle more than adequate stock at any time of point to strike a balance between demand and supply. The system also helps an organization to accelerate and streamlines the entire flow of goods to maintain a healthy level of distribution management.

What will you get by purchasing the product?

Here are some of the features of the app:

01. Master Data

You can find the core data within the organization that describe all transactions where all businesses are conducted, and along with its journey, the data can be changed by adding the reference data that is necessary to operate business better.

02. Sales

The sales module helps an organization implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping, invoicing, sales planning, connected with the logistics system, and also handling marketing and distribution to meet the organization's strategic plan.

03. Purchase

The purchase module streamlines purchase and process cycles, and facilitates the organization to create, maintain, and analyze any purchasing activities within, such as the management of suppliers, and the procurement of goods and services, billing, and more.

04. Promo

The promotion module helps the organization to promote every product and business by conducting mass-mailing, create surveys, hold events, and create targeted promotions.

05. Inventory

The inventory module helps the organization to store, edit, and track detailed information for each part and assembly of inventory numbers where this information can be imported automatically into sales orders, purchase orders, sales quotes, and purchase requests for quotes.

06. Accounting

The accounting module automates the entire financial and accounting activities within the organization and business. It also provides an organization a wide control and integration of financial information, where the organization able to centrally track financial accounting data of multiple branches within one framework.

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