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Appschef Whitelabel Customer Loyalty App - Whitelabel App for Coupon, Voucher, and Customer Points

Appschef Customer Loyalty App

What is Appschef Customer Loyalty App?

Increasing business growth, retaining customers, and improving the brand’s reputation are some of the marketing strategies that need to be developed by a company. The Appschef Customer Loyalty App is a web and mobile application that is used as an effective marketing tool that provides interesting rewards such as e-vouchers, digital member cards for customers to help the company retaining loyal customers.

Implementing The Appschef Customer Loyalty App can help you build a mutually beneficial relationship between merchants and customers. Not only the merchant can sell product and services, but also offers rewards for the customers. The customer loyalty app is one of the structured marketing strategies that can be implemented with easy access to encourage customers to return frequently to the business and repeat their purchases. The system in the application can be used for an organization with multiple store branches so this application helps the organization to manage the program centrally easier.

What will you get by purchasing the product?

Here are some of the features of the app:

01. Management setting

All management settings including the management of promotion, stores, points rule, vouchers, and customer support can be created by user admin in the back-end.

02. Transaction

The cashier can make transactions by scanning QR in the virtual card provided in the system and validate it by viewing the list of tables to process the details, and all transaction reports and history can be downloaded or printed for documentation.

03. Coupon

A user can view available and expired/used coupons displayed on this page.

04. Check-in

When a user uses a coupon and the process is still going, it will be displayed on this page.

05. Reward Catalog

This page displays the reward catalog filtered by brand plus the number of points a user can get from every coupon.

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