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Content Services Platform: Deliver Intelligent Content Productivity with Effective Content Services


What is Content Services Platform: Deliver Intelligent Content Productivity with Effective Content Services?

Content Services Platform works to capture, govern and deliver digital content and assets generated by people, applications, and machines at web-scale volumes. Information is available throughout the entire lifecycle along with policy-based controls to govern and secure what information users can access, modify and manage.

The platform federates content stores across business applications and repositories to provide a single view of enterprise content. The Simple visual design of workflows delivers content in the context of an individual’s work and delivers a modern and intuitive browser-based user interface for all device types.

The Content Services Platform is architected for deployment on cloud, on-premises or in hybrid configurations.

The Content Services Platform is one platform that works with all your content to:

  • Integrate with your business systems and applications
  • Enable digital processes automation across the extended enterprise
  • Be secure and compliant across industries and geographies

What will you get by purchasing the product?

Here are the detailed features of the product:

01. Cloud at the Pace of Business

The repository services store content with multi-tier policies that automate the placement, movement, and management of content across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

02. Unified View of Enterprise Content

Web Services (REST APIs) and content management interoperability services (CMIS) provide content federation and interoperability for cloud platforms, business systems, and applications - ensuring content is searchable across the enterprise in connected applications and content repositories as well as integration with legacy systems using workflows.

03. Content Workflows

The workflow services leverage modern, low-code/no-code workflow technology enables business analysts to easily design and quickly deploy workflows, to rapidly adapt business processes, improve tasks automation, and connect content to work.

04. Connected Content

The user interface connects to content from any device - enabling a single ‘easy-to-use’ UI for applications, portals, and touch-screen mobile devices.   Users can customize for specific work tasks and workflows – all accessible through Web Services (REST APIs).

05. Governance & Compliance

The governance and compliance services precisely apply governance and encryption policies to content – enabling redaction of personally identifiable information (PII).

06. Real-time Content Capture

The capture services enable organizations to capture information from best-in-class scan/capture tools - including high-volume batch scanning - ensuring images and documents can be uploaded easily.

07. Single View

The centralized management services deliver a single location to monitor, audit and track how business information is being captured, governed and accessed over the course of its life cycle.

08. High Volume Processing

The ingestion services provide organizations the ability to ingest, parse and archive petabytes of data including big data, structured and unstructured data, machine data, operational data, and real-time streaming data without impeding performance and scalability.

09. Deliver Content Anywhere

The output management services are used to centrally control the distribution and guaranteed delivery of electronic documents regardless of the document type, distribution method or output (e.g. fax, email, print, web).

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