Are you interested to own a tech business?

WGS Hub provides IT business development cooperation program by offering Worldwide Partners to invest in the management of physical location with modern retail business concept approach.

Our business offer are suitable especially for property owners, IT enthusiasts, & programmers. The cooperation covers the supply of goods and services, training, and consultation. Let’s build your own business marketplace with a strong and reliable broad network system!

 WGS Hub Affiliate Apps (in-development)

Start your technology business with all of WGS Hub products at your service. You can focus on building your account relationship; while technical information, troubleshooting, and project contract will be helped by corporate professionals.


  •  WGS Hub Affiliate Apps.
  •  All WGS Hub product dealership
  •  Product & Workshop newsletter
Affiliate Registration
$100 / year

 WGS Hub Franchisee

Set up your privately owned WGS Hub franchise, your company will be our main reseller partner for your preferred business leads in your area.

To grow the business, you can also maintain team of affiliates in your area.


  •  Affiliate Invitation
  •  WGS Hub Indoor Logo Sign
  •  WGS Hub Affiliate iPad
  •  All WGS Hub product dealership
  •  Product & Workshop newsletter
Franchisee Registration
$ 1,000 / year

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