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Nutanix – Self Healing Server Infrastructure


Nutanix’s server is a modern & compact server infrastructure; by integrating server, storage, backup, & disaster recovery system in one package. Nutanix is a perfect opportunity for you to get smooth data transfer system and prevention for risk of data failure with it’s unique self healing system.

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Did you know that Nutanix’s Server is Software-Controlled?

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Have you ever realized that nowadays digital infrastructure becomes more and more complicated? Even though you need proper infrastructure to support your business. In the late 1990s you perhaps only need computer support for your business, but as internet become more popular, good business also needs server infrastructure and storage data.

However, server and storage hardware usually take a lot of space to keep, so how to make them stay simple and still on your budget? Nutanix has come with a solution by integrating server, storage, backup, and disaster recovery in one package. As an outcome, it’s reducing space, and also capital & operational expenses.

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Nutanix is a perfect opportunity for you to get smooth data transfer system and prevention for risk of data failure.

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Self-Healing System

Nutanix Self-Healing System

Nutanix infrastructure is different from ordinary hardware because one Nutanix’s cluster is equal to 4 boxes of ordinary server. Behind its compact black box, this is physically represented by 4 nodes that each has a unique capability to save a little amount of application backup.

As a user you can decide how many nodes that you want to use as a self-healing system for each cluster.

here’s a story example:

  • You have a 5 nodes system
  • The 1st node is installed with an application
  • The remaining 4 nodes, will automatically spare their space to save a 1/4 backup of said application. (size of the partial backup is determined by the number of nodes in the system, i.e. 3 nodes left, meaning 1/3 backup)
  • If you had sudden data corruption or system failure, Nutanix will able to perform self-healing data system by combining the partial backup into a complete and running application.


Enterprise Web Engineering

Our system is designed for enterprise web engineering which:

  • Have capability to engage other server
  • Everything in Software, including: data center, network controller, defining storage
  • Allow to scalable the infrastructure based on your need
  • Have rich automation and analytics
Nutanix Enterprise Web Engineering
Nutanix Scalable Distributed System


Scalable Distributed System

Instead of using the real machine, Nutanix builds a virtual system that can handle workloads data and supported by virtual controller. Through the software, you can arrange and decide which networks node that you would like to use as a home, based on your business needs.


Consumer Grade Design

It’s not only the system, Nutanix brings you to new insight for projecting your infrastructure needs. Nutanix brings daily analytics and report according to your request and modern taste, whoever you are, you do not need to be a tech expert to control your own system.

Nutanix Consumer Grade Design

Nutanix Package

Nutanix Prism

Nutanix Prism

Focusing on management solution that simplifies data storage and virtualization operations, Nutanix Prism is suitable for SMB market with these benefits:

  • One-Click Infrastructure Management
  • One-Click Operational Insights
  • One-Click Remediation
Nutanix Acropolis

Nutanix Acropolis

A complete infrastructure platform that combines compute, storage, and virtualization to run any application at enterprise scale.

Nutanix Acropolis is including:

  • Enterprise storage
  • Infrastructure resilience
  • Data protection
  • Visualization
  • Security


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