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Mobile Commerce with Sales App provides a strong extension to your eCommerce business, with a solution applicable for both your sales force / resellers. The application package provides mobile shop, order tracking, sales commission, and many more.

Let’s get your retail business to the next level!

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What is Mobile Commerce with Sales App?

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Retail business has always been popular, and as the business grow stronger, you will need a media to attract more customer and manage your sales people / reseller.

Customers & reseller needs a user-friendly mobile app to stay updated with your newest product catalog. While your sales people & reseller also needs a convenient media for updated knowledge training, and to check on their sales commission.

Mobile Commerce with Sales App will make sure that your business fulfill everyone’s needs with easier access. It provides online mobile shopping service, sales people helper in one app. With an easy mobile access, anytime & anywhere you need, your retail business will feel a lot simpler for you to run.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed feature for the customers

Mobile Commerce Apps - Product Catalog Feature


Product Catalog

Customers can download your catalog to glance at your latest products even without internet connection. To complement the service wish list & social media features are prepared so that users can keep an eye on their favorite product, and share their findings.

Mobile Commerce Apps - Buy feature



Sellers & customers will be able to quickly check the current product stock that they are interested in by syncing their mobile to get the latest data straight from your ERP. Like any other eCommerce platform, Mobile Commerce with Sales App will help your mobile users to request delivery order, and check the delivery status.

Mobile Commerce App - Customer Service


Customer Service

Mobile Commerce with Sales App is supported by help desk software, so you are able to handle customers’ problem directly via live chat. Customer Service feature can also help to direct the customer to reach the nearest store / reseller.

Here is the detailed feature for your sales / reseller


My Business & Training Platform

Mobile Commerce App - My Business & Training Platform 02

My Business will allow sales / reseller to check their commission bonus, business network, and sales performance on the leader board. This feature is prepared to help encourage your sales team to do better while checking their own performance.

The Training feature is built to train all seller about your company & products / services knowledge. An online knowledge library providing

  • video
  • slide
  • image + text

strengthening your seller’s knowledge quality, complete with quiz with points, encouraging seller to collect more point rewards.

Mobile Commerce App - Recruit feature



Recruit feature is built to ease your reseller / sales recruitment right on the mobile app. They do not need to undergo conventional way— of filling in business member registration paper, by applying in online registration you can add more and more people to grow together with your business.

Here is the detailed features you will get as an admin


System Management

Mobile Commerce App - system management-02

Management features are prepared for you to update & manage your mobile apps. Ads banner management is built to help in managing the marketing strategy and convert the new customer into business leads. While products & inventory stock data will be pulled from your ERP / Warehouse system.

Including management of:

  • Product Related:
    – Catalogue
    – Product (Data pull from ERP)
    – Stock (Data pull from ERP)
    – Category
    – Ads Banner
  • Order
  • Business Center
  • Knowledge Related:
    – Classes
    – Modules
    – Contents
    – Quiz
  • and many more
Mobile Commerce App - analytics-report-02


Analytics Report

Dashboard will automatically convert active user data, visits, session length data, and more; into detailed graphic report that accommodate you with an accurate data for projecting following month’s target.


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