MLM Core with eCommerce


The Enterprise-grade Multi Level Marketing (MLM) software. Our product is an Integrated solution of MLM core software with eCommerce that will help the member to check their own bonus calculation, sell the product, and get updated information.

    • MLM Core with eCommerce
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What is MLM Core with eCommerce?

As your business is getting bigger, technology will help as an improvement to attract more consumers to join in and help it grows. Multi-level business model, as one of many famous business models nowadays, needs to keep the system on track with an integrated solution that is combining MLM core with eCommerce.

Besides increasing selling point, The MLM eCommerce site can be used for members to view their membership record and bonus calculation. It also has a product list database that can be connected directly to your Warehouse ERP while manageable by admin in the backend site. Meanwhile, as an admin, you are able to monitor product movement, warehouse operation, and making purchase order as well. As a whole, MLM Core with eCommerce will not only handle business processes, but it helps in simplifying and automating the company’s member management.

What would you get by purchasing this product?

Here is the detailed features for your customer & members


Product Catalogue & Search

With a convenient product system, customers can easily find the right product for their needs. Our integrated product catalog are directly connected with product inventory database. The search & categorization will help customer on looking for the product.


Purchase-Order and Payment Gateway

eCommerce does not only facilitate customers with interactive product catalog, order-and-purchase also can all be done online. The provided payment options are via: 

  • Payment Gateway
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card Payment
  • e-Wallet


Membership and Bonus Calculation

In the eCommerce site, customers can convert their status to be a member status and join your MLM business. We give them an access to check set their personal profile, see their purchasing history.

checking their bonus and point value, using e-Wallet system, and also checking their membership status over upline-downline regulation.



Blog section can be used to optimize your marketing by informing customers about your product, event, and share testimonial from your loyal members to share their success stories about joining the MLM business.

Here is the detailed features for your administrators


Products & Category

Admin can help customers to find the right products easily by updating each product details, and manage the product categories. These products can be promoted together within product packages and other supported promotional efforts.



Improve the lead generation & conversion quality by improving your MLM members. Manage training classes for new and old members according to training module, location, trainer, and inform the class information to the desired participants.


Inventory Management & Purchasing Order

Manage Inventory and control the inventory inquiry, history transaction, balance stock, and monitor the warehouse transfer.

admin can also make a purchase order for warehouse supply to keep the inventory stock on balance with the market demand.


Request and Delivery Order

Our system also helps to manage the traffic of request and delivery order. We make sure every customer gets what they need by noting every request and turn it into unique code that can be tracked easily by customer.


Bonus Management

The membership system is customized according to your business MLM regulations, we can customize it to follow your own regulation on member’s bonus calculation and how upline-downline system works.

On Bonus Management your admin can view the record of every member’s bonuses, including private bonus from request order, cash reward, and revenue sharing.


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